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Steeltown Regional
Pittsburgh, PA

Petersen Event Center
January 2016

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Have issues with nervous athletes? Want to work the hometown crowd? Then Regionals are a great way to kick start your season! Regionals are a local and convenient way to compete at a high-quality competition while not having to give up a great amount of time in order to travel. With most Regionals placed within a small drive, this competition makes for a showcase of hometown rivalry and is easy to bring the entire bandwagon! Compete at this event and receive a discounted rate for Battle at the Capitol Nationals!

Lauren Martin
Event Planner
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Francesca Beyer
JAMCare Rep
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Steeltown Regional
Pittsburgh, PA • January 2016
Mid-Atlantic Battle
Baltimore, MD • January 2016
Heavy Hitters
Trenton, NJ • 1/9/2016
Central Florida Face-Off
Lakeland, FL • 1/23/2016
Ohio Battle National Championhip
Akron, OH • 1/23/2016
Richmond Battle
Richmond, VA • 1/23/2016
Just Dance / Coastal Battle Series
Richmond, VA • 1/23/2016
Battle at the Capitol - School National Championship
National Harbor, MD • 2/6-7/2016
Battle at the Capitol - Dance National Championship
National Harbor, MD • 2/6-7/2016
Battle at the Capitol - All-Star, Rec & Collegiate
National Harbor, MD • 3/12-13/2016
Six Flags Georgia
Atlanta, GA • 4/2/2016
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$40.00 per athlete
1 Day Admission